Meet Jesse & MJ


Jesse the man, the myth, the legend!

Ok he’s just a guy who talks on the radio. But he’s likable and has a great head of hair! He’s a dad, husband, comic book nerd and probably the only person in Kentuckiana who doesn’t care about college basketball! (shocking we know). He does like football so there is a little hope for him. On paper he’s a former high school theater nerd (Go New Albany Bull Dogs) with an on camera acting certification and bachelors in communications but is most often found dressing like a superhero. He’s homegrown from New Albany Indiana and is a proud member of the Southern Indiana community.

If given extra time during the day he’d probably be spending time with his family, reading comic books, or trying to fix something around the house.

Odd Quirks: He has a neighbor who vacuums her driveway. Also he doesn’t like to kiss his parents (MJ thinks that’s so odd). He wears a Green Lantern Ring.
What you’ll get from him in the mornings: “If I can make you smile, even if it’s just for a second, then I’ve made your day better and I’ve done my job. Mornings and life are tough enough, sometimes you just need a little bit of fun.”


Weekdays 5-10am on The Morning Play

Online: and on the tunein app.


MJ’s a mom & a wife, avid book/tv/music/movie lover, sci-fi & comic geek, knows her way around a toolbox, loves live music & comedy, is more than a little addicted to social media and chocolate, isn’t afraid to get dirty in the yard, roots for the underdog, has a Masters in Sarcasm but a real background in Music and Sociology/Criminal Justice, loves animals, can throw a spiral, and generally tries to keep all four wheels on the road 99% of the time.
MJ’s Interests/Habits:
  • Domestic fun – cooking, gardening, DIY
  • Sports (all kinds!) Watching, playing, cheering…especially her son’s and U of L! Plays golf poorly, but enjoys it.
  • Live Music, Theater & Art
  • Family Activities (Married & Mom to a teenaged son)
  • Has become forcibly involved in red-neckery like camping thanks to her husband
  • Sci-Fi & Comic book geek
  • Fitness/Wellness/Beauty
  • World-Class Penny-Pincher
Favorite Charitable Causes:
  • March of Dimes
  • Breast Cancer Awareness – mom is a survivor
  • Animal Shelters – 2 adopted kitty-kids
  • Children’s Charities (Clip for Kids, Hope’s Closet)


Weekdays on The Morning Play – 5:30-10am

Middays – 10a-3p

Online: and on the tunein app