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Daily Contest Oct. 16th – 20th!

Morning Play 5:30am to 10am WW:                          4 passes to Louisville Zoo  (M-F 7:30am) Border Wars:           Eagles Tueday Oct. 24th at the YUM! Center! (Thurs. 8am) Ric Owen:                 REO Speedwagon

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Morning Play

Original Songs About Jesse & MJ

We tasked our listeners with writing an original song for us! In exchange we would reward you with Weird Al tickets. Dorinda didn’t disappoint!

Fighting Kick/Punch To The Face Pt. 1 & 2

Click title to hear the whole episode! Pt. 1  Have you ever taken a roundhouse kick to the face? Jesse has! Yes there’s a story there! Pt. 2  Have you ever been punched in the […]

Border Wars Pt. ! & 2 10/19

Click title to hear the whole episode! Pt. 1 Pt. 2   1.       What popular TV show has Jesse famously never seen? A: Friends. 2.       Which song contains the lyrics: While I was standing on a corner […]

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